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Our Platform Modules


The hails module is used either aboard vessels or by a call center to record and send hails (trip notifications). Dockside monitors can receive the hail data in order to schedule staff to meet the vessel and verify catch during the offload process.


The logbooks module is used by fishers to record and send catch log data either directly from the vessel or from shore once the trip has landed. Unlike paper-based catch logs, the data is validated before it is transmitted.


The landings module is used by the dealers and/or monitors designated to record the catch details while overseeing the offload of catch. The data is then available immediately to all authorized stakeholders in the fishery.


The quota module integrates information from the other modules (or external data sources) in order to perform quota/ACE calculations and report on the status of quota at varying degrees of granularity. In addition, it allows for the recording of quota transfers and the initial setting of quota for each season.


The licensing module can be used to pay for new or renewed licenses or to import that data from external systems. Regardless of how we get the license data, it integrates with other modules so they can adjust based on individual license authorizations and expiry.quota for each season.


The Administration module is used by government or industry groups to control various aspects of the system. From managing openings to reviewing and approving quota transfers and everything in between, this ever expanding module is a true workhorse.


Fast forward to the future. We are constantly getting great feedback and integrating it into FACTS or finding better ways to do things we already do. So if you don't see something you are looking for, we may already be building it. If not, we sure love a challenge!

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