What is FACTS™?

Fisheries that are monitored and operated in a responsible sustainable manner need adequate data collection and reporting. FACTS™ provides the data management tools needed to make sustainable fisheries a practical reality.

FACTS™ (Fishing Activity and Catch Tracking System) is a set of fishery data collection and management software modules for those who are accountable for collecting and reporting fishing activity and catch data in a fishery. If you need timely, complete, accurate fishing activity and catch information across a fishery, FACTS™ provides real-time multi-stakeholder data from at-sea and onshore sources.

If you are a Fishery Manager…

If you are overseeing a monitored, sustainably operated fishery or if you are working toward increased monitoring and enforcement, you are well aware of the large quantities of fishing activity and catch data that have to be collected. This is especially true if you have or are planning a catch shares/individual transferable quota program in which real-time data is critical.

Fishing trip hails (notifications), catch logs, landed catch and quota information are some of the data sets that you may be required....

If you are a Fisher…

Is your fishery sustainable? If so, do you have to contend with burdensome, time-wasting reporting when you would rather be doing your job, harvesting seafood?

Until recently, increased fishery monitoring, regulations and enforcement have come from “on high” – often from politicians and bureaucrats who cannot appreciate the realities of earning a living on the water. This was often met with great resistance from the men and women who often felt that their livelihood was under attack....

Key Features

Real-time data collection and reporting

As validated data is collected in the field it is submitted to the FACTS™ web portal for reporting. As soon as the data is received, it can be viewed in reports as well as made available to external systems as required.

Onboard and mobile software

We have various data collection interfaces available which can be used onboard vessels, at the dock, by call centres, and any connected computer (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Central reporting website for all stakeholders

All authorized fishery stakeholders have access to the FACTS™ web portal to view the data being produced. Access to the data varies depending on the role of the authenticated user. For example, fishers see only the data they submit whereas fishery managers can see the data produced by all license holders in the fishery. Some of the roles include; fishery manager, fisher, enforcement, dockside monitor, and seafood dealer.

Integrates with your system(s)

FACTS™ has been built with system integration in mind. Data can be pushed to external government systems as well as service providers or other fishery stakeholders. An example being the pushing of data to inform a service provider such as a dockside monitor of a new trip that they will need to schedule to meet and verify the offload.

Cost effective

FACTS™ offers an alternative to traditional software development. Instead of large upfront costs (and long timelines) to design and build a custom system from scratch, Electric Edge provides FACTS™ as an ongoing service with a small fee charged for each transaction (e.g.fishing trip) and little or no up-front development cost, depending upon the size of the fishery, projected number of transactions, etc.