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Project Description

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is conducting a Pilot Project with striped bass industry representatives to test an electronic reporting and hailing system that allows fishermen to manage their own quota, increase accountability and provides instant access to harvest records. Watermen will be able to report through texting, a mobile web application using a smartphone or tablet, or calling a call center. Previously, an electronic harvest reporting program was created for the Blue crab industry in 2012. To learn more about this project click here.

Daily Reporting

Pilot participants will send a start hail at the beginning of the day to notify the system that they have started fishing and an end hail when they are finished, including their harvest report. After the waterman has completed their fishing trip for the day they are still responsible for checking in their catch either that day or within 48 hours. The check station will count and weigh the waterman’s catch and send an electronic report that is verified by the waterman. For more detailed diagrams on both the reporting and check in processes, you can review the documents below.
Striped Bass Hailing and Reporting.pdf
Striped Bass Check In Process.pdf


The Pilot Project will extend from November 2014 through February 2015 currently focusing primarily on the Hook and Line, Pound Net and Haul Seine sectors and then catering to the Gill Net sector from December through the end of the project.

Status / Participation

So far over 50 striped bass fishermen and check stations have volunteered to evaluate the electronic reporting system. Fishermen from every sector of the striped bass fishery including Hook and Line, Pound Net and Gill Net sectors including participants from both ITQ and Common Pool.


Training will begin the week of November 10th and will focus on giving the participants one-on-one lessons to use the mobile interface of their choice.


This reporting system will allow watermen to have increased check-in flexibility including the opportunity to make 2 fishing trips between a check in as well as allow an authorized representative other than the license holder the ability to check in their fish.


Throughout the project, participants will be contacted as well as given a 1-877 number to provide voluntary feedback to allow for the watermen to help modify and better their own reporting system.

For More Project Details or to Sign Up for the Pilot

Call 1-877-979-1820 or click here to sign up

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